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Bourbon Real Talk

Bourbon: Real Talk is a podcast where the host Randall Sullivan sits down with a guest over a drink and listens to their story. The purpose of the show is to used whiskey's connective nature to bring people together who might not have otherwise formed a relationship. We are building cultural bridges one drink at a time.

Sep 24, 2021

Women have had a major influence in the world of whiskey all throughout its history. Many women work behind the scenes and are relatively unknown by the consumers who love the results of their work. Meet Sherrie Moore, Director of Whiskey Operations for Uncle Nearest distillery. Sherrie was the Director of Whiskey...

Sep 20, 2021

The word blend is a confusing term. Blended, blend of, blend...what do they mean? More importantly when a brand tells you their blending techniques are the reason you should buy their brand is that legit or marketing bullsh*t?

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Sep 10, 2021

When you are first getting into whiskey the opportunity to make purchases you will regret are endless.  In this episode I surveyed experienced whiskey enthusiasts to see what tips they would offer someone to help them avoid the mistakes they have made.  There were a lot of answers, but I was able to narrow them down...

Sep 3, 2021

Pappy Van Winkle is arguably the most sought after bourbon of human history. Finding it is almost impossible.  This episode discusses a range of alternatives to this elusive spirit. 

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