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Bourbon Real Talk

Bourbon: Real Talk is a podcast where the host Randall Sullivan sits down with a guest over a drink and listens to their story. The purpose of the show is to used whiskey's connective nature to bring people together who might not have otherwise formed a relationship. We are building cultural bridges one drink at a time.

Oct 11, 2019

In this episode we review Mic Drop 3, Ambassador BP Rye, and Henry McKenna 10Yr SiB. We have a light conversation about what each of their journeys have been from childhood realizing they were "different", coming to terms with their own sexuality, coming out to friends and family, their relationship, and all the struggles along the way.  This is an opportunity to gain some understanding and build a bridge of connection over a glass of whiskey! I hope that everyone who sees or listens to this episode can develop a sense of compassion and find a reason to be a little more accepting of those who live different lifestyles.  If you are open minded enough you may just discover that we are all more similar than you might think...despite our differences.
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