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Bourbon Real Talk

Bourbon: Real Talk is a podcast where the host Randall Sullivan sits down with a guest over a drink and listens to their story. The purpose of the show is to used whiskey's connective nature to bring people together who might not have otherwise formed a relationship. We are building cultural bridges one drink at a time.

Jan 29, 2021

With so many great bottles of bourbon disappearing off of shelves single barrel selections have become the big get for whiskey enthusiasts everywhere. Despite their popularity many of the barrel pick hunters have no idea how they get picked.  I thought it would be fun to show what happened at 2 real barrel picks.  There...

Jan 22, 2021

With all the new and old bourbon drinkers trying to get the same bottles there are many expressions that are hard to find.  This episode goes through a list of quality shelf available products that are sure to please any bourbon lover.
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Jan 15, 2021

Bourbon and Scotch are very different.  In this episode we discuss the differences and my dirty scotch loving friend Cullen Lemley tries to convert me to the dark side of Scotch. Watch to see how he does!
0:00 Intro
0:45 Scotch Taste Like Treason
4:03 Differences in how They're Made
22:40 Still Austin Bourbon

Jan 8, 2021

Different bourbons for different occasions. This episode discusses the different levels of bourbon and how to decide what to drink in different situations.
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Jan 5, 2021

Bourbon Real Talk host Randall Sullivan reviews The Prideful Goat Batch 1. Randall, along with friend Kristopher Hart (host of Whiskey Neat), were given creative control by Gulf Coast Distillers to create a new label for this release of 15 year Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Not only did Randall get to help create the label...